Shareholders General Meeting

Shareholders General Meeting

Uzpromstroybank, as a joint stock bank based on the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On banks and banking activity", "On joint stock companies and protection of shareholder rights, and others yearly General Meeting of Shareholders.

The general meeting of shareholders is the supreme governing body of the Bank. The Bank is obliged to hold annual general meeting of shareholders. The general meeting of shareholders shall be held within a period not later than six months after the end of the fiscal year.

At a general meeting of shareholders resolved issues:

  • The election of members of the Board of the Bank and the Audit Committee of the Bank

  • The possibility of extension or termination of the contract with members of the executive body

  • The definition of the audit organization

  • The payment of dividends

  • Redemption of own shares, etc

The date and procedure of the general meeting of shareholders, the procedure for notifying shareholders of its holding, the list of materials in preparation for the general meeting of shareholders are set by the Bank.

The right to vote at a general meeting of shareholders on issues put to the vote, the shareholders-owners of common shares.

Shareholders - owners of preferred shares have no voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders.

Preferred shares of the Bank provide shareholders - their owners the same amount of rights (except voting rights at general shareholders' meeting) and are identical to ordinary shares par value - 2 200,0 sum for 1 share.

The General Meeting of shareholders on the question put to the vote, was adopted by a majority vote of the shareholders - holders of voting shares of the Bank, participating in the meeting.

The general meeting of shareholders shall not decide on matters not included in the agenda of the meeting. Decisions taken by the general meeting of shareholders, as well as the voting results are communicated to the shareholders, no later than 45 days from the date of adoption of these solutions.

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